Our Journey

IMG_4858Meet Mr. Man. He’s pretty cool, great sense of humor, FULL of energy. We knew the moment we heard of his impending arrival our world was about to change dramatically. We just didn’t quite know what was actually in store for us. I am not sure I can do justice to an abridgment, so please bear with me while I explain how we find ourselves at our present place on this journey…..

Our Story (Part 1)

Our Story (Part 2)

Spring Blessings, New Beginnings

Beginning Again

July: Tall Tales

August: Enjoy the little things, they aren’t always little.


The Christmas Star

Waiting, how I hate it

EEGs, ASD, and ABCs?

A New Future

Perpetually Starting Again…

Because There Is No Instruction Manual...

The Battle Before

Why Did I Think This Would Get Easier?

The Bean Boys

Why We Don’t Do Santa

What I’ve Learned in Quarantine

2021: An Update

Take Time to Smell the Coffee

Another Season

Just Be Kind