July: Tall Tales

So, most parents have stories of their kids getting in trouble for talking too much. Oh, to have those problems! Mr. Man CAN talk now (boy can he…when HE chooses to) but he still makes a lot of speech errors and can be very difficult to understand. His teacher, from last year, told me it took 4 months before he was comfortable enough to talk to her. 4 months! This year, he is 1 month into school (new class, new teacher) and he’s just starting to talk.

Alright, so here’s the situation that happened a few months ago (I am VERY slow at getting my thoughts typed). Our family was getting a new pet. We had a terrarium and I asked the boys what pet we should put in it. Mr. Man was adamant….. we needed a T-Rex. I tried to explain that a T-Rex would not fit in the cage and that one probably wouldn’t be happy living with us.

We got a snake.




A small, little corn snake. Mr. Man named him Ekans, because “Ekans a snake, not dinosaur”. Mr. Man went to school, excited to tell everyone about his pet. That afternoon, one of the assistant teachers came to me and said that Mr. Man told her a story all about his new pet. Of course, I was thrilled. He’s talking, willingly!! But she said she just had to check with me because she couldn’t tell if his story was true or if he was making things up.

At this point, I was confused. Why wouldn’t it be true? I told her yes, he had a new pet. She said yes, he was very excited and kept telling her that. But she just had to ask me…what kind of pet did he get? At this I paused, and asked what he told her he’d gotten. She laughed, “A T-Rex!”

He’s getting there. His dreams are big, and I can’t wait to see were they take him.

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