Beginning Again


Some days are bittersweet. Today we made the decision to pull Mr. Man from the priority preschool he has been attending so he could attend a “regular” preschool full-time. This means he won’t be receiving speech therapy or OT. I REALLY hope this is the right decision. His teacher thinks it will be fine, that the benefits outweigh the loss, but still…

 There are several reasons we made this decision. We had already decided that he would not attend next year as the class was afternoon only and, emotionally, skipping naps is not an option. Also, the gap between him and the other children in age and ability has become so large that he is bored. The other children don’t interact with him and he has started to have behaviors in class. He’s only at the school for Speech and OT, so being with more severely delayed children just doesn’t make sense.

 I had hoped to have him finish the year, but the outbursts and meltdowns that occur during the process of getting him to school became too much. He use to LOVE the school, but has begun to hate it over the past month, or so.  This has been concerning but he can’t really explain why. I don’t feel it is anything overly alarming but finally decided it was time. In July, the idea of him going was overwhelming. Now, I drive away a little sad, but with the strengthened realization that, for Mr. Man, we need to refocus and get back on track with our original plans/goals.

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