When I became a mom, life changed. We quickly realized that our journey wasn’t typical. We struggled a lot. Are we doing what’s best for our son? Are WE doing something wrong? What IS wrong? I was shocked by the confusion and how people reacted. I didn’t have answers and people didn’t understand. They were cold and often times down-right rude! I am writing our story for all the moms who find themselves feeling like I did. People don’t realize that there is a purgatory between knowing something is wrong and figuring out what to do about it. You want to do what is best for your child, but figuring out what that is can be a scary, lonely, and exhausting road.


I am a proud Mama of two boys. Three, if you count my husband! I enjoy crafts (scrapbooks, quilting), reading (who has time for that), and just generally enjoying spending time with my guys. Welcome to my site, don’t get lost in my head.

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