Spring Blessings, New Beginnings


Today I sat in Chapel crying. Wiping tears that I hoped no one would notice (as is usually the case) but at the same time I wanted to get up and shout, ‘Look, look at him! My Mr. Man, he did that!’ It was a small thing, but very few truly understand how much it actually meant. Let me explain..

It’s April, which means it is insect month at school. All the classes are learning about butterflies. They have watched caterpillars grown and disappear into their chrysalis’s. Today was Wednesday, Mr. Man’s favorite day of the week. Wednesday means Chapel and soccer. Important things in a little boy’s life. Today was an extra special day. The pastor had asked for his help in chapel. He was going to help demonstrate the life cycle of a caterpillar. We had discussed what was going to happen. He was excited, but also visibly anxious. He wanted to do it, but was unsure. The teacher wrapped him in toilet paper to illustrate the caterpillar inside its chrysalis. Then as the entire school counted to 3, Mr. Man smiled with so much excitement and laughed when the pastor asked if he was ready “yeah!” His face shown, pure joy (start tears). At 3, Mr. Man threw up his arms and burst out of the chrysalis as a butterfly. The symbolism was not lost on me. A year ago my little man would never have gotten up on that stage in front of all those people, he wouldn’t have been able to stand being confined and wrapped up and he certainly would NOT have been smiling and laughing about it. He would not have spoken in front of that many people, even if it was just a simple ‘yeah’. He has grown SO much this year. My little caterpillar has changed and he is emerging. Starting to show the world the beautiful butterfly within. We are truly blessed.

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