My New Year’s Promise to Myself

I’m joining in with the Timberdoodle Blog Hop. Here’s to a better 2020!

81418907_2922179654469586_8272687146213572608_nEveryone talks about how important it is for moms to take care of themselves. That we can’t give from nothing. But let’s be honest… Mama’s, do we really follow this advice?! I know I fail miserably. Most of the time I feel like this happens because, well, if I don’t…who will? And, if I am really honest, this Mama is pretty close to hitting nothing.

After a year that has included emotional/behavioral issues with both boys, emergency surgery and ending the year with an ulcer for mom, I am thinking its time this Mama tries a little harder to focus on some of her needs for once. I am not entirely sure what this looks like or how I will make it work, but I do know in 2020 I plan to…

Let more go- sadly this often means my housekeeping, but that’s just something that I (and my parents) will have to get over. We are already working on ways to relax our homeschool and cut down on family conflicts.

More scheduled girl time-  The first one is already on the calendar! One night out- no kids!

More date nights- My husband and I have never been big daters… plus, we’re cheap. But, having some time together without the kids needs to happen more often this year.

Healthier me- My health definitely suffered in 2019 and I need to get it back together. I gave myself a membership to the StepBet app and my co-workers and I have committed to moving more this year.

Healthier family- In 2019, I cut out soda (Huge for me!) I began thinking about what I can do in 2020. I plan to cut out processed junk and spend more time at the farmers’ markets. If we do need a special treat, I plan to make it myself instead of buying prepackaged. We are pretty good about produce and using real foods. I just need to be better about planning ahead because this is when I get in trouble. I need to make a few tweaks to the boys’ snacking habits, too.


What are your plans for a happier and healthier family in 2020? I would love to hear your suggestions!

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